Family man, and athlete.  Often times he will splooge out sounds or phrases that make people wonder whether or not he has tourette syndrome.  He tries his best. An essential part of the team, he makes things happen.  Some would describe him as smart, charismatic, a gentleman, and one who is not afraid to speak his mind.  On the other hand I would describe him as a cheating lying pussy who sleeps with lot lizards and gay hookers, and survives solely on marinara sauce.

However, despite these drawbacks he does bring much to the table.  Like his fat ass dick and sweet ass.

I can remember the first time I met him at the sexually ripe age of 5, we went to pre-school together.  We would fish in his backyard stream and I would watch him catch fish with this shitty Donald Duck pole and no bait, just the hook, that fucking cunt.  Ever since that day I knew I was eventually just gonna have to murder him.  And so here we are, 18 years later.

Samsonite has been indulging himself in this art since the beginning and is a key member, expect good things.

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