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Oh Herro

Posted: November 28, 2010 by malonedies in Folded Brilliance, Sketches

This was produced on 11/27/2010, by Samsonite, Blanus, Malonedies, Scrambles, and, for once, a special female guest.

Happy Thanksgiving!


The ‘Game’: Where It All Started

Posted: November 1, 2010 by sams0nite in Folded Brilliance

How it works: The ‘game’, which led to the origination of this blog, you can see nicely executed on a piece of notebook paper below, is a multiplayer game where participants write whatever they want based on what the person before them wrote. What’s the catch you ask? the piece of paper is folded so that the next person can only see what the individual before them wrote. For example, if you’re writing fourth you can only see what the person in the third position wrote. The goal is to have a group of people blindly write a cohesive story that starts with a beginning, transfers to a middle and seemless leads to a well thought out cohesive ending. This is the first of many to hit the blog, enjoy!

Scrambles: Mark ____ walked through the door after a rough game of tummy sticks and said…fuck tummy’s and especially fuck sticks, except fish sticks.

Samsonite: Fish dicks? I love them in and around my mouth. Sucking off John Mayer in Fairfield? or maybe eating out Gabi ____’s snatch? It’s all just so tasteful.

Malonedies: Either way I’d like to eat out someone’s GOOTCH for Christ’s sake. Maybe I could give Billy Mays a juicy rim job and then do a line of coke off his cock…

Anonymous: But instead he just laid Mays’ nut sack on the coffee table and slap-chopped the shit out of those bad boys. It was a jizz bath…

Anonymous: as I unloaded my white-semen-fountain all over Mike ____’s sexy brown beard… He licked his lips and smiled and pulled out his…

Anonymous: dick so he could return the favor and busted all over my chest like a 10-year old boy masturbating for the first time!

A Piece of Folded Brilliance: A collaboration

Posted: October 29, 2010 by Scrambles in Folded Brilliance

If you look carefully at the craftsmanship of the upper portion of the body, the creature is wearing a sideways hat that has a logo of  a hairy penis with two balls, you rarely see detail like that anymore.  Also the teeth on the creature, the jaggedness, yet simplistic feel that only a veteran artist could pull off, he also works in a unique tongue that slithers out of the elongated beak.  Enjoy!