Music To My Ears!

Posted: December 16, 2010 by sams0nite in Infamous Texts

A few of my close friends were presented with the ultimate opportunity to go see Sammy Adams (Boston’s Boy) in concert. Little did they know they would be meeting one of the most down to earth, level headed, influential artists of the 21st century.

Upon arriving to the concert they were immediately engulfed in a see of teenage boys (my friends are 23). With their VIP passes they were soon admitted to the bar section of the auditorium, they were the only ones allowed to drink. Later that night, they were lucky enough to meet and actually hang out with Mr. Sammy.

As his posse eagerly awaited his arrival they began smoking the herb and further intoxicating themselves with alcoholic beverages. Upon his entrance to the building he snapped his fingers and his minions went to work, blasting Sammy Adams – I Hate College, lifting him above their shoulders, feeding him grapes and catering to his every move.

Oh and the concert was in NYC…thought that was ironic.

As you can tell, the below conversation was sparked by a fantastic experience with a truly talented artist.


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