A Day at the Petting Zoo

Posted: December 3, 2010 by malonedies in True Stories

My 7 year old cousin – let’s call him ‘Johnny’ – is visiting for the weekend,  and as I was driving him to see Twilight XIV at the movie theater, we both noticed a (barely visible) sign that said “Petting Zoo” set slightly off the road.

Johnny insisted that we stop, and I figured I’d rather see a few animals than watch some lame vampire movie. Anyway, we were both in for quite a surprise…..






First off, there were strangely a lot of canines, which surprised me because I expected to see the usual llamas, goats, pigs, or whatever.














Here’s another one in a kennel. I think they might be related.














Next, there were men riding what seemed to be peacocks, but I was told they were ‘ponies.’












Here’s the type of pony I recognize:

















Next, we moved on to the feline area, where we got to play with this very friendly sphinx cat:

















However, it was only when we got to the ‘reptile house’ that I got a little creeped out. Here’s a scary snake – I think it’s a rattlesnake:

















Once we left the reptile house, we made our way to the marine tank, and to my surprise, this petting zoo had two killer whales!!!!








Finally, on our way out, there was a nice man bidding us farewell:
















I’ll never forget our day at the petting zoo!

  1. malonedies says:

    Ok, this is my last gimp post, I promise – I just needed to get it our of my system!!

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