Thought of the Day

Posted: December 2, 2010 by malonedies in True Stories

Thought of the Day

For two years now, our beloved blog contributor, Scrambles, has been a member of an international social network known as ‘Chubs and Chasers’ – a social network dedicated to matching normal-sized men who fetishize extremely and horrendously fat and flabby gay men, with the Chub of their dreams. Similar to a Bear, a Chub has his own niche marked out in gay culture, and it is Chubs and Chasers’ job to get him out into the open where he can be actively ‘chased’ by a chaser like Scrambles. Here’s an example of a typical chub:








Many people mock Scrambles for his fetish; they call him a “sick, twisted pervert” and a “faggot.” We here at FoldedBrilliance, however, commend Scrambles for following – or should we say ‘chasing’? – his dream. In fact, we’re all chasing dreams of our own.

Blanus, for instance, is chasing fast cars, cocaine, and above all, his dream of achieving success in the fast-paced corporate world of New York City.

Minty Timmons (RIP), before his death, was also chasing life in the fast lane, albeit in his own way. This mainly meant doing large amounts of cocaine and flirting with young children – usually both activities simultaneously – at his place of work and in his leisure time.

Samsonite, as one might infer from his profile picture, is chasing his dream of becoming a famous athlete. He was born an athlete and hopes to die an athlete.

As for me, well, I chase the dragon to ward off my chronic case of Bieber-Fever…


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