Text Re-Cap

Posted: December 2, 2010 by malonedies in Infamous Texts

Conversation between Malonedies and ex-member of the blog, Minty Timmons. This conversation occured shortly before MT died in a tragic shootout that resulted from a cocaine deal gone bad in Connecticut’s largest city.

Malonedies (12:00 pm): Have you caught a case of the Bieber-Fever like I have?

Minty Timmons (12:28 pm): Dude, of course. It’s gonna be hard going out this weekend.

Malonedies: Yeah, I need to call my doctor and tell him how I overheat everytime I see pics of JB, or hear the sweet chirp of his boyish, pre-pubescent voice.

Malonedies: Maybe he can prescribe us some meds to cure the fever….

Minty Timmons: Yeah whatever the opposite of Viagra is will be just fine for me

Malonedies: Yeah I’ve got some stuff that will practically invert your boner into a vagina… But I dunno if that’ll cure the Fever

Minty Timmons: Well fuck it’ll help… get at me if you wanna do something later

Malonedies: Yeah, I’ll sling some cum your way. When’s your lunchbreak? I’ll barrel down main street in my car, lean out the window and give you a man-chowder surprise straight to the face

Minty Timmons: Hahah miraculously i’m not working, you can give one to my boss Melinda though, I see her drinking cum shakes all the time


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