A Few infamous Texts from October 2010 (More to come)

Posted: November 24, 2010 by Scrambles in Infamous Texts

Malonedies (10/21/10 – 8:23PM): You wanna shoot up draino and watch ‘the hills have eyes’?


Malonedies (10/22/10 – 3:05PM):  Dude I was walking those dogs im getting paid to take care of back in the — woods today, and they mauled and killed a man.  It sounds weird, but I tried a few bites of his flesh too.  I couldn’t help myself…


Malonedies (10/23/10 – 7:32PM):  I slept til 6pm today haha…I gotta stop doing that shit


Malonedies (10/23/10 – 11:29PM): Nah his name was scooter, and I picked him up at the whiskey tavern


Malonedies (10/25/10 – 10:41AM): You trying to get high one night this week and write some poetry for our blog and/or go hiking at some point, maybe boot some meth

Malonedies (10/25/10 – 10:45AM): It’s the perfect weather for a brisk fuck in the woods


Malonedies (10/25/10 – 9:12PM): U should roll back to _______ tmrw…Theres some crazy shit going on

Malonedies (10/26/10 – 11:05AM): Theres some crazy shit going on tonight, you should roll back

Malonedies (10/26/10 – 11:36AM): Minty Timmons is gonna lip-sync a jonas brothers’ song with his b-hole, sams0nite is gonna take a milk-bath in my tub, and ive got wade and beer we can pour down the toilet

Malonedies (10/26/10 – 11:39AM): It’ll be like one big satanic ritual…at the end of it all I’ll cut Minty Timmons’ jugular and we’ll bleed him out into the tub and frolic in it


Blanus (10/27/10 – 8:19PM):  At party with Derek Jeter

Scrambles (10/27/10 – 8:21PM): Is he cute?

Blanus (10/27/10 – 8:25PM): Yea his girlfriend is even hotter

Scrambles (10/27/10 – 8:28PM):  See if you can put in a good word for me

Blanus (10/27/10 – 11:47PM): Eat shit

Scrambles (10/27/10 – 11:48PM): How was the party

Blanus (10/27/10 – 11:49PM): Ptetyyb cool.  I stole his wallet

Scrambles (10/27/10 – 12:01PM):  I call his metro card


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