A Walk in the Park

Posted: November 10, 2010 by malonedies in Infamous Texts

11/09/2010 – Text message conversation between Malonedies and friend of the blog, A. Bronzestein:

Malonedies (5:06pm) I’ll pay you $20/hour to put me on a leash and take me for daily walks at Winslow Park. You’ll have to tell me frequently that I’m a good boy, and you’ll also have to pick up my shit with a little baggy. But other than that it’s pretty easy money. And no one will recognize us because we’ll both be wearing black leather gimp-masks. What do you think?

A. Bronzestein (7:14 pm) I don’t know who the fuck you think you are, but I signed the “do not call list” so you should not be soliciting my business. Anyway, the only way I would do something as fucking sick as that would be if I could be compensated in Delta Sky Miles, and wear a Louis Vuitton gimp mask with fox fur at the neck, rather than that disgustingly unfashionable black pleather you mentioned.

Malonedies (7:18pm) That’s a deal. You’ll have to drive me to the ‘pound’ afterwards, but I’ll pay for the gas. This is the mask I’ll be wearing:

A. Bronzestein (7:20pm) Hahaha that’s so fucked up

Malonedies (9:30am, the next morning) You know you’ve still got a raging boner


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