Good PB&J Recipe

Posted: November 3, 2010 by malonedies in Infamous Texts

Text-message conversation between Malonedies and Scrambles:

Malonedies: Want to know a great prank to play on a friend? Drug them with rohypnol or something like that to put them to sleep. Then spread a healthy amount of chunky peanut butter and raspberry jelly all up and down their asscrack. Like, make a PB&J ass-wich. When they wake up, they’ll think they shat their living guts out, and for a period of a few minutes will experience pure terror.

Malonedies: Fear is my sustenance.

Scrambles: They would only be afraid for a split second then they would smell the peanut butter pretty fast, good trick though, I would use raw eggs and cottage cheese

Malonedies: But you at least need some jelly or something red in there to make them think they’re internally bleeding

Malonedies: Samsonite, Minty Timmons, and Clark B. Hayes are coming over tonight for a PB&J fest. We’re gonna make sandwiches and chill out.

Scrambles: I’m working tonight.

Malonedies: You know, dab a little PB on the B-hole, jelly on the belly, bread on the head. I’ll try to videotape it all for you, but I’m sure it’ll get messy.

Scrambles: Can you stream it live on the site?

Malonedies: I’m not too great with computers but my gimp is. I’ll see what he can do.

Scrambles: K don’t let him get near a phone though keep an eye on him

Malonedies: He couldn’t use one anyway, his ball-gag is permanently connected to his head.

Scrambles: Looks like he’s in great shape what kind of diet do you feed him?

Malonedies: I exclusively feed him chocolate cake


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