Turns out we weren’t the first…

Posted: October 19, 2010 by Scrambles in Uncategorized



Another type of Japanese poetry is the Renga.  Throughout history, Japanese poetry was continually changing.  Over time, a technique developed so that two poets could enjoy creating one poem at the same time, this concept was known as the Renga.  The idea behind the Renga is that one poet writes a section of their own ideas and the next poet adds the next section.  Two poets combining their own ideas forming one poem, soon became a popular pass time and a form of entertainment.  Many people thought of Renga as playing a competitive game.  In order to participate in this game-like fashion, being a fast thinker with a good sense of humor was a requirement.  People had parties where they used this form of entertainment.  Renga poems are known to be longer than other types of Japanese poetry and they can reach up to 100 verses.  Renga poetry is a fun form of entertainment that anyone can enjoy.


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