Yellow-Dicked Warbler

Posted: October 18, 2010 by malonedies in Sketches

I had some free time today, so I decided to take a walk in the woods in order to better observe the autumn foliage (which is particularly marvelous this week). Anyway, after no more than fifteen minutes of walking and gazing at the red and yellow leaves above, I happened to spot one of the rarest of avian specimens, a truly beautiful creature seldom witnessed by human eyes. Yes, I’m referring to the magnificent yellow-dicked warbler. The bird sailed majestically through the air, landed on a branch no more than ten feet away from me, and let out a gentle, euphonious call. Although the warbler exited my field of vision just as quickly as it had entered seconds before, I luckily happened to have my sketchpad and a pen with me, so I made a brisk sketch of the creature:


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