Text Debut: Samsonite & Minty Timmons

Posted: October 14, 2010 by sams0nite in Infamous Texts

This is currently our soft launch of the blog, you could say version 1.0. I had this conversation last night and simply had to share it. Typically we’ll attempt to post in chronological order but for now, enjoy and expect way more from where this came from.

Conversation between Minty Timmons (White) & Samsonite (Green):


  1. malonedies says:

    This ‘crashing into a tree idea’ sounds a little boring. If I were you, I would figure out if/when Elizabeth Taylor is going to be in town, and then I’d barrel down I95 against traffic in my ’65 Lincoln convertible, trying to hit 100 before crashing head-on into her limo. The idea is to get the timing right so that you both die just at the height of your orgasm.

    But as a side note, just be careful not to lose control of the Lincoln and go careening off an overpass, landing atop a bus carrying Japanese tourists..

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