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Hot Babe of the Day

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A Piece of Folded Brilliance: A collaboration

Posted: October 29, 2010 by Scrambles in Folded Brilliance

If you look carefully at the craftsmanship of the upper portion of the body, the creature is wearing a sideways hat that has a logo of  a hairy penis with two balls, you rarely see detail like that anymore.  Also the teeth on the creature, the jaggedness, yet simplistic feel that only a veteran artist could pull off, he also works in a unique tongue that slithers out of the elongated beak.  Enjoy!

Bend Over, Minty Timmons!

Posted: October 25, 2010 by malonedies in Sketches

A man in Shelton, CT was arrested for fisting a horse a few days ago:

Minty Timmons got caught up in a similar situation this past spring, although he was able to avoid jail-time by pleading insanity and doing a bit of community service. It all happened shortly after this rather beautiful portrait of MT was co-sketched by a couple of legless lot-lizards we met at a McDonald’s rest stop on I95. If only the viewers of this blog could see what he did next with that raised left fist…

Question of the Day: How Thick is your Dick?

Posted: October 24, 2010 by malonedies in Infamous Texts

Malonedies (1:27 pm) How thick is your dick?

Scrambles (1:29 pm) 1cm… why, how thick is yours?

Malonedies (1:32 pm) Uh, definitely thicker than that… that thing would break off in someone’s butt like a no. 2 pencil at the slightest twitch of the sphincter

Scrambles (1:33 pm) Whatever its like 2.5 feet long though

Malonedies (1:34 pm) Augh, that nasty little worm needs to be put underground, where it belongs. Next time I see you I’m gonna clip it off

Scrambles (2:02 pm) Haha your like the mother in red dragon

Malonedies Turns 24!

Posted: October 24, 2010 by sams0nite in Infamous Texts

Scrambles and I had a great idea…

Scrambles 11:55 AM – It’s Malonedies birthday today im gonna make a huge cake for him that you’re gonna get into and jump out of naked…

Creative ? YES, a good idea? CERTAINLY, realistic ABSOLUTELY, were we going to do it? DEFINITELY – at least we thought.

This is a text.

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Malonedies 10:31AM:  Reading an ethnography about a !Kung! Bushmen in africa who lit his anus on fire because he thought it was talking to him and influencing him in evil ways

Scrambles 10:32AM:  Me and Samsonite found a fetus on the road last night and roasted it on an open fire till it turned crispy, then ate it with tarter sauce

Malonedies 10:33AM:  He basically considered it an animate living thing, and when it ‘discharged gas’ he freaked the fuck out, started running around wildly, and finally took the torch to his own asshole

Scrambles 10:33AM:  I did that to my penis a few days ago

Malonedies 10:33AM:  Hahaha

Malonedies 10:35AM: A human fetus was it?  Whatd u guys end up doing

Malonedies 10:37AM:  Damn, bitches are tossing their foetuses like they’re yesterdays turkey these days

Scrambles 10:38AM:  Ya every few hours for the past 23 years my penis shoots out a stream of fluid so i just covered it in gasoline and burne it down to a nub

Scrambles 10:38AM:  I told you we cooked it up and ate it, but if you want me to be more specific his mom cooked it up for us italian style with some meatballs and plenty of sauce

Malonedies 10:39AM:  Hahah…Good, it was probably possessed by baraka or negative mana… You did the right thing

Malonedies 10:40AM:  Haha i wouldnt expect any other form of preparation from Samsonites birther

Scrambles 10:40AM:  Their loss though its damn good eating, especially if you can get the after birth fluids for the sauce but thats real hard to get since you’d have to be there to collect it when the premature birth happens

Malonedies 10:41AM:  Augh gross

Malonedies 10:43AM:  Its common practice in african tribes if a foetus is born to a couple who are thought to have committed incest, the baby is sliced in half longitudinally upon birth, its genitals cleanly sliced in two.  It absolves the responsibility of the incesting couple in the gods’ eyes

Malonedies 10:43AM:  I gotta lend you this book after im done haha

Scrambles 10:44AM:  Sometimes i find pregnant women in [insert any inner city] and just brutally punch and kick their stomachs to tenderize the fetus before i cut the belly and scrape out the soggy lifeless fetus from her uterus, sometimes i cant even wait to get it home and cook it so ill just devour it on the spot hovering over the soon to be dead woman dripping the juices all over her face as i feast

Scrambles 10:45AM:  Ya ill read it, sounds like good bedtime reading

Malonedies 10:45AM  Hahah jesus christ, i should turn you into the police.  Im down with most stuff, but thats just brutal

Malonedies 10:47AM:  I think you’d be happier living amongst savages..  You weren’t meant for modernity

Scrambles 10:48AM:  Im a beast among men

Malonedies 10:49AM:  I think i can safely agree with that

Scrambles 10:50AM:  I want to run on all fours naked and wild in the streets covered with blood and tearing apart any living soul that comes near me

Malonedies 10:51AM:  Hahaha..  That sounds like it would be such a rush

Scrambles 10:51AM:  Animal blood though not human

Scrambles 10:52AM:  Tell me about it I would probably cum 14 times before I killed the 5th person

Malonedies 10:52AM:  Just armed with sharp rocks, for slicing open the bellies

Malonedies 10:53AM:  Hahah…with one hand you’re slicing bellies left and right, and with the other you’re just violently beating off

Malone dies 10:58AM:  Wow, you’re a sick fuck…

Turns out we weren’t the first…

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Another type of Japanese poetry is the Renga.  Throughout history, Japanese poetry was continually changing.  Over time, a technique developed so that two poets could enjoy creating one poem at the same time, this concept was known as the Renga.  The idea behind the Renga is that one poet writes a section of their own ideas and the next poet adds the next section.  Two poets combining their own ideas forming one poem, soon became a popular pass time and a form of entertainment.  Many people thought of Renga as playing a competitive game.  In order to participate in this game-like fashion, being a fast thinker with a good sense of humor was a requirement.  People had parties where they used this form of entertainment.  Renga poems are known to be longer than other types of Japanese poetry and they can reach up to 100 verses.  Renga poetry is a fun form of entertainment that anyone can enjoy.

Yellow-Dicked Warbler

Posted: October 18, 2010 by malonedies in Sketches

I had some free time today, so I decided to take a walk in the woods in order to better observe the autumn foliage (which is particularly marvelous this week). Anyway, after no more than fifteen minutes of walking and gazing at the red and yellow leaves above, I happened to spot one of the rarest of avian specimens, a truly beautiful creature seldom witnessed by human eyes. Yes, I’m referring to the magnificent yellow-dicked warbler. The bird sailed majestically through the air, landed on a branch no more than ten feet away from me, and let out a gentle, euphonious call. Although the warbler exited my field of vision just as quickly as it had entered seconds before, I luckily happened to have my sketchpad and a pen with me, so I made a brisk sketch of the creature:

A Gentle Haiku in Memory of Adam Bronzestein (1987-2010)

Posted: October 16, 2010 by malonedies in Poems

You asked to smell my

Penis in the backseat of

Your ’92 Nissan coupe


Adam Bronzestein (1987-2010)

Here’s a Taste of What’s to Cum

Posted: October 15, 2010 by sams0nite in Sketches

Here’s an example of a beautiful one off done by our co-creator Malonedies. Very simple and sleek, the way the sketch pulls the eye across the page creates a great head to toe/tail/fin or whatever that is, visual path. This is an original based on a pre 2005 style of sketching. The detail is immaculate, it’s amazing what one can do with the bare essentials, a pen and pad of paper. The detail and diversity are perfectly represented and the stroke type is flawless.   Simply breathtaking.

Sketch done by: Malonedies